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Present an future conservation of the Waddensea

Present an future conservation of the Waddensea

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Proceedings of the 7th international Waddensea symposium, Ameland 1990.

Auteur: Dankers, N., Smit, C.J., Scholl, M.
Uitgeverij: D.L.O., institute for forestry and nature research, Texel
Aantal pagina's: 301
Afmeting: 26.3x18.2x1.7
Gewicht: 800 gr.
Uitvoering: soepele kaft, getypt

The Wadden Sea Symposia were set up to build a bridge between scientists and policy makers or environmental managers. In the previous six symposia, scientists have presented the results of their investigations but there was little scope for policy makers to present their ideas. Much is now known about the ecology of the Wadden Sea and the impact of human activities. The organising committee of the 7th International Wadden Sea Symposium asked the scientists invited to describe the developments until now and the trends to be expected in the future. They were also ask> ed to recommend on policy matters. Policy makers and environment al societies were asked to present their aims and goals for the , future Wadden Sea. The first section of these proceedings contains the keynotes of Prof. W.J. Wolff and Mrs. S. Langedijk who present the ecological development and the development of the legal ad organisational structures. This section also contains four contributions of distinguished scientists who were asked to describe the future Wadden Sea under different policy scenarios. It should be stressed that the scenarios were set by the organising committee and may not present the preference of the contributing scientist. In the second section the results of scientific research are presented. In the selection of the scientists the organising committee has tried to cover all trophic levels and different forms of human impact. All papers in this section were reviewed by international referees before they were accepted for publication. Papers in the other sections were taken by as handed in by the authors. The third section contains management or policy-related contributions. The first two contributions in this section present ideas on how management or legal structures can be improved. In the other contributions, the aims and goals for the future Wadden Sea are presented by governmental representatives and conservation societies. During the symposium a great number of posters were presented. Because of the expected importance of the posters the organising committee planed to include the posters in the proceedings. Mr. M. Binsbergen therefore developed same minimal requirements for the layout of the posters so they would be camera-ready. However, the layout and used materials (coloured background, labels, etc.) of each poster were 80 different that good-quality reproduction proved impossible. Only Leendertse et al. and the Forschungs- und Technologiezentrom Westkuste presented posters that could be reproduced instantly. The other authors were allowed to present a written version of their poster not extending four pages A4. This procedure severely delayed the preparation of the proceedings. The posters are presented in the fourth section of the proceedings. Thanks are due to Arthur Bos, Gonneke Eugelink and Berend Mensink for their contribution in organising the practical aspects of the symposium. The Organising Committee:
Jakob Asjes
Michel Binsbergen
Norbert Dankers
Jens Enemark
Cor Smit
Rob Uyterlinde
Jaap de Vlas

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